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New Album: Calmly Resting in the Lord

Another New Heights Quartet album to add to your collection of uplifting Christian music!!

We are pleased to share this collection of inspiring Acappella Christian songs. A labor of love that began in February of this year, we trust the Lord can speak to the specific needs you have in your life.

A theme that seems to tie all our songs together is the trust we can have in God. When we are loyally and fervently seeking after Christ, as a deer that pants for refreshing water, we will worship Him and thank Him for His salvation, His blessings, and His care. We will be grateful for His Words of life. We will be calmly resting in His sovereignty and love. And we will be ever looking forward to meeting Him face to face, when we come out of this world and move into the next!!

Click here for digital downloads, or find us wherever you listen to music!

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