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Our New Single!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

New Heights Quartet Single

We are excited to announce our newest single, "Bring Your Little Bit of Bread".

From time to time, I question my relevance in the Kindgom of God. How much of what I do for the Lord has value to Him? The things I do seem so small. How can what I do have any eternal significance?

The good news is that it's not about us. It has never been about us, and about what we ourselves can accomplish. Definitely, we are called to work diligently for the Lord. We are called to serve sincerely and sacrificially. But the work is the Lord's, and anything we do is about Jesus and His purposes! He builds the Kingdom, not us. He changes lives, not us. We may bring a bit of fish and a bit of bread, but it's Jesus who multiplies them and gives them eternal value!

He will grow it with His hands;

He will make it go around;

He will use it in His Kingdom;

Know your work is not in vain!

Listen or download our new single - available on digital streaming platforms!

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