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"Why the Night" (New Sheet Music)

In her song, Rhoda Stoll asks a question all of us may ask from time to time. Why the night? Why does the Lord allow darkness in our lives sometimes?

We may or may not find the answer in this life. But we can rest in faith that God has a definite purpose for our trials. We just need to trust Him in the midst of them. Don't murmur against the Lord like the Israelites did in the desert. He is faithful. Trust Him!

This song is special to us. The music was composed by the late James Brubacher, Paul Brubacher's brother (from New Heights Quartet). Indeed, James's family was visited by night at the time of his death. But faith prevailed, and the legacy of his faith lives on. Praise God!


If you would like a copy of the music for Why the Night, you can find it here. There are two versions of it —one with regular notes, and the other with shaped notes. You will get a quantity discount at checkout when you order more than four copies.

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