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Is Service Your Desire?

As followers of Christ, we are called to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Mt. 6:33). Sometimes, we seem to forget that this is a commandment. It’s not a choice, but an essential part of every true Christian. Are we busy with the activities that pertain to God’s work? Are we actively pursuing character transformation into His righteousness—sanctification?

For several years now, New Heights Quartet has enjoyed singing a very simple, yet meaningful song called A Vessel of Mercy. Here are some lines that stand out to me:

“Make me a vessel of mercy." If we ourselves have no love and compassion for the lost or the fallen, how can we proclaim God’s glorious Gospel of grace?

“Fashion my heart to be a vessel worthy of you.” You know how it goes when you want to cut a piece of paper with a pair of dull scissors. That’s how we are when our lives and our character are not being sharpened by the Word of God. How is my character? How is my personality? Does it reflect the beauty and the meekness of Christ’s character, or does it reek of selfishness, unforgiveness, and envy?

“Your service is my desire." Are we the kind of people who love to be entertained above service, or are we the type of people who are glad to serve others? Are we people who actively seek to win the lost, encourage the weak, exhort the fallen, and diligently "study to show ourselves approved unto God"?

“So, Lord Jesus, daily I pray that you’ll break me that your love I might show." Do we ask God to change us? Do we ask Him to show us what needs to change in our lives? Are we open to the painful work He has to do in our hearts? Do we allow God to break our bad attitudes and our misguided desires, so that we can be effective in seeking first the Kingdom of God?

Last Sunday, my pastor Terry reminded us to strive for Christian perfection, for Christian maturity. He shared five elements basic to the Christian life. Here's how I remember them:

- Surrender

- Charity (love in action)

- Control of our speech

- Obedience to Christ

- Sanctification

Is service your desire? Are you allowing God to shape your life for effective service?

Remember that our service is for bringing glory to God and not ourselves!

Play a sample of A Vessel of Mercy below!

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