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Bright Days Ahead!

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How often have you heard this in the news lately, "Bright days ahead!"?

We know there's a new mutation of the Coronavirus. We know many people have died of complications due to Covid-19. We know many governments of the world have put laws in place that shuttered countless stores and businesses, curtailed the economy, and canceled all manner of events.

It's no secret that the media have always relished the opportunity to shock, scandalize, and alarm the people. Evidently, the media has not had a sudden change of heart during the spread of Covid-19. And regardless of how we think our government should have handled the situation, and regardless of how this crisis is affecting our personal lives, we must continue serving the Lord with gladness.

Join me and the many others who today believe that with Christ there are bright days ahead!

As Bible-believing, Christ-following Christians (pardon the redundancy), we already knew the world would be shaken. We knew there would be an increase in technology as well as in wickedness. We knew there would be unrest, rumors of wars, and diseases. It's just that many of us have been spoiled rotten by a long period of peace and prosperity. Few of us know what it is to pace our lifestyle, bear some small hardships, and, perhaps, pinch our pennies!

Considering, for instance, how my Gutwein great-grandfather endured imprisonment for loving his enemies and not bearing arms, and forever leaving behind his family in Europe to begin a new life in South America, life has been pretty soft for me! Or how about Christians of other countries or ages, who have been tortured and placed in solitary confinement for their unwavering faith! How far removed we are from that depth of physical suffering!

Am I able to say that with Christ there are bright days ahead? Yes! Think of all the countless souls around the world, gripped by paralyzing fingers of dread during this time. Imagine the horror of a worldview where death is just a bee hitting a windshield—a smack and a splat, and that's the end of that! Imagine the anguish of a person during this crisis whose life maxim always was "eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow I die"! Sadly, for so many in our world, if merry is canceled today, the only tomorrow to look forward to is pretty dark and grim.

Join me and the many others who today believe that with Christ there are bright days ahead! Pray for each other, pray for our shepherds, and pray for our government! Don't forget to be a shining light in a dark and dying world! And don't forget that we have a bright future with Christ for all eternity!!!



As you all know, the US/Canada border has been temporarily closed for non-commercial travel. New Heights Quartet was planning a small tour to Pennsylvania towards the end of May 2020. We would love to reschedule it for some other time, and come down when things open up again.

In the meantime, please continue to pray for our singing ministry. We now see how important a ministry like ours can be during a crisis like this, where millions are home-bound and unable to socialize with friends and family. We would certainly like to put together a virtual program in the near future. We are considering our options.


Below is a program shared a few weeks by our friends The Shalom Quartet. Be blessed!

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