Follow the Path of Jesus

Often, songs tell stories or declare great truths in a very concise way. “Follow the Path of Jesus” compresses deep meaning into few words. Being a follower of Christ is no small feat. It cannot be done apart from faith, nor can it be accomplished without a thorough conversion of the heart. As the Hebrew writer declares, without faith it’s impossible to please God. Faith is not leaping into some dark unknown, but following the Light of the world.

Following denotes action, intentional movement. And it means there is a Leader ahead of us. Christ is the author of our faith, the target of our following. He’s the beginning and also the end of our path.

Hope you are blessed by this hymn today!

Follow the Path of Jesus

Follow the path of Jesus, walk where His footsteps lead; Keep in His beaming presence, every counsel heed; Watch, while the hours are flying, ready some good to do; Quick while His voice is calling, yield obedience true!

Cling to the hand of Jesus, all through the day and night; Dark though the way and dreary, He will guide you right. Live for the good of others, helpless oppressed and wrong; Lift them from depths of sorrow, in His strength be strong!

Take up the cross of Jesus, sharing the shame He bore; Self and the world denying, love the Saviour more; Tell all the world of Jesus, think of their gloom and loss, Tell of His great salvation, glory in His cross.

-Christopher R. Blackall

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