“Why Not Today?” and Our Indiana Weekend

Pastor Terry Myer ready for action

As we always like to do, we traveled with our dear families. Spencerville greeted us with a Summer-warm welcome on Saturday! Terry Myer, pastor at Cuba Mennonite, joked that they had been praying for rain for some time, but for that very day they were hoping God would hold off the downpours till after 9 pm!! Thank you Terry and family for hosting us for lunch and fellowship!

Getting set up to serve buttery-delicious popcorn, and great hot dogs!

So, thankfully it didn’t rain at the outdoor Spencerville Community Sing this year! And there was quite a group of people out, some from the town and many others from different Anabaptist churches in the area. It was a blessing to meet the Royer family. And it was good to meet the DeLagrange family again. I think it takes special people to manage to get everyone together to practice and sing as they do! God bless their work!

The DeLagrange family
The Royer family

I was blessed to hear a personal testimony of a young mother who grew up in an Old Order Amish community but had never heard about the need to be born again until she turned fourteen! Indeed, hers was wonderful story of a journey from hopelessness to great assurance in God’s saving grace. Thank you for sharing that with us!

NHQ at Fair Haven

We were pleased with how our Sunday program at Fair Haven Amish Mennonite Church given it was in the morning. For some reason, we get a little nervous about morning programs! My voice threatens to squeak at the wrong moments (wait, are there any right moments?). And the others have their own set of little problems, from dry throats to strained vocal chords. Thank you Fair Haven for the delicious meal you prepared for us after the service! We went home with full stomachs and full hearts!

Seems like people were drawn to one of our songs about the Bible this weekend: “This Blessed Old Book”. It’s one of our favorites too. One phrase in the chorus always stands out to me. “And I’ve not made a change in one word that it says, but it sure made a change in me!” Has the message of the Lord Jesus Christ made a change in you? Some people seem to think, “Why do today what you can leave for tomorrow?” Well, you know how that saying really should read. Today is a much better day to begin walking the true way, surrender to the Truth, and hold the promise of eternal life. Why not today?